Sunday, March 19, 2006

March Madness - Day 3 Recap

I finished up 3-3 yesterday and hit two big bets to end up +205 for the day after Gonzaga pulled out a tough victory over Indiana. I'm -345 overall, which is great since I'm 9-13 in bets. I'm gonna try to make it all up with one team today... UNC -6 over George Mason.

My teams in the Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool are tied for 4th and 14th as AlCantHang is still on top. Spider is a close second with Hector jumping up into the 3rd spot. Geek is lingering around 5th place but his team is doomed since he picked Iowa to win it all.
Top 6 Thru Day 3:
1 Marlboro and Lungbutter (AlCantHang) 380
2 Damon's My Bitch (Spider2) 370
3 warren coolidge all-stars (Hector) 360
4 Strippers and Blow (Pauly2) 350
4 Fear and Arrogance (Landow) 350
4 Iowa FTW (Geek1) 350
Sundays games mark the official end of Round 2. By the end of today, we'll have the Sweet 16 teams set. My goal is always to try to get 12/16 teams right. That's a decent sheet for me. 14 or 15 is remarkable and means I have a good shot of winning.
Today's Bets:
UNC -6
Bucknell +8.5
I'm sticking with Derek's alma mater Bucknell. They are +350 with the money line and I can't ignore that! I got them with both the points and straight up to win.

Random Updates...

1:45pm... Bradley is kicking the crap out of Pitt. I almost took them getting 5.5. I have them in a 4 team parlay today with Arizona, UNC, and Ohio State. I'm eagerly awaiting the Bucknell and the UNC game which are both being aired at the same time.

2:57pm... CBS blows moose cock. There's 3 games running right now. I have action on two of them, and of course CBS is airing the Kentucky-UCONN game featuring Billy Fudge Packer. I haven't seen one live look in with Bucknell. I'm watching that online and they are down.

3:10pm... At the half, Bucknell is down 10, while UNC is up by 7. My teams need to play better in the second half!

4:21pm... Not only did UNC lose and blow a big lead which fucked up my sheet, but they also lost to George Mason. Talk about a bracket buster. That lost cost me dearly. I'm -860 now and Bucknell isn't looking too good.

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