Thursday, March 16, 2006

March Madness Begins!
Today's Big Bets:
Montana +6
Gonzaga -6
Marquette -3
Tenn -7
Oklahoma -3 ... Lost
Syracuse -1
LSU -7.5
San Diego State +2
Tip off is a few minutes away and I'm pumped. Thanks to everyone who signed up for my pool. We have 38 players and a prize pool of $760. First place will win $380!
Prize Money:
1. $380
2. $190
3. $120
4. $70
First place also wins a phone call from Daddy! Last place gets a Snail Trax T-shirt.
The Teams:
Stop Your Begging (Coach)
Chico's Bail Bonds (Derek1)
Buttamaker's Boilermakers (Derek2)
Inside the Paris Hilton (Pauly1)
Austin Drunks (Matt S.)
The Luckbox (CJ)
Oyster Bay Moore (JoeMoore)
Dry Hump (BobbyBracelet1)
Friction Burn (BobbyBracelet2)
Signor Ferrari (Ferrari)
Black Tar Heroin (S. Lovelace)
Strippers and Blow (Pauly2)
Homer's Hard Wood (Armen)
Al Gore's Revenge (BoobieLover)
Truck Stop Hoochies (Drizz)
Like DWright at 3rd (Spider1)
3 Knuckles Deep (Daddy)
I Fooked Alba - twice (DonkeyPuncher)
Pete Rose Made My Picks (Geek1)
Al Groh's Monkey Butlers (ScurvyDog1)
Iowa FTW (Geek2)
Janet Gretzky's ToutSheet (Todd Commish)
As Picked By God Himself (Nerd1)
Tubgirl's Dirtier Friend (Nerd2)
Schaefer 1 (Brandon Schaefer)
facty's money (factgirl)
Ugarte's Picks are Funny (Charles Star)
Semi-Flaccid (JoeSpeaker)
Fook Dook (ScurvyDog2)
warren coolidge all-stars (Hector)
Gillen Guide (Senor)
Well T'anks for Nuttin' (Jerry)
Good Little Monkey (Gracie)
Fear and Arrogance (Landow)
Marlboro and Lungbutter (AlCantHang)
luscious jackson (Mena S.)
You Call That a Knife? (Garthmeister)
Damon's My Bitch (Spider 2)
Best of luck everyone!

* * * * *

Random Updates....

12:21pm... I kicked off my March Madness traditon by ripping a bong hit and making a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. It's not officially March Madness until I take a bite of the grilled cheese.

12:32pm... CBS is airing the Seton Hall/Wichita State game and Wichita state is spanking them early. I tried to log into their website to watch the other games. Site won't load. Have to rely on ESPN.

1:01pm... My only open bet, Oklahoma, is down at the half to Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

2:20pm... Bomb scare at Cox Arena in San Diego and the Marquette game is postponed. I wonder how that delay is going to affect the players? I have to assume the worst. I'm already written off that game as a loss.

2:25pm.... The Poker Nerd had a similar problem loading CBS's online coverage.

2:30pm... Oklahoma is coming back. Down 66-60 with 3 plus minutes to go.

2:41pm... Oklahoma lost to Wisc-Mil. I'm 0-1 so far this year in bets. Way to start out the year, with a loss. I actually liked Wisc-Mil as one of my first round upset teams. I picked them on one sheet. I liked how Oklahoma matched up on paper and that's why I put money on them. I should have listened to my gut.

2:43pm... Pacific justed tied the game at 65-65 against BC with a three pointer with 9.1 seconds left. Damn. I'm totally rooting for the underdog in this one.

2:46pm... OT in the Pacific/BC game.

2:57pm... Mike Webb drilled back-to-back three pointers for Pacific, the last one off of a sloppy turnover from BC. They lead 71-65 with 2 minutes to go in OT.

3:02pm... 74-72 Pacific leads with 40 seconds left. Both teams traded three-pointers during the last two possesions.

3:05pm... BC tied the game at 74 with two free throws. Pacific couldn't score. Game went into double OT.

3:12pm... Pacific lost their mud. BC went on a 7-0 run for the first 3 minutes of OT.

3:18pm... BC won by 12 in OT. Unreal. At least one of my final four teams is still alive! I also picked BC to go to the Elite 8 in both pools. That was a close scare.

3:20pm... Chad is also live blogging his afternoon. Tomorrow AlCantHang is gonna do it.

3:41pm... Montana got out to an early 2-0 lead over Nevada. I feel great about the Grizzlies' chances today.

4:10pm... Halftime of the Tennessee/Wintrop game and Tenn is up 36-34. Montana is up by 9 on Nevada. CBS is airing Alabama trouncing Marquette by 10.

4:20pm... Smoke break.

4:30pm... Tennessee started to pull away in the second half and were up by 6. Marquette is getting ass-spanked on national TV. They are down 15 in the first half. Montana is up by 8. Florida is having a tough time with S. Alabama and are only up by 6. It's been close.

4:41pm... Winthrop just took over the lead. Tenn trails by 1. Montana up by 7 at the half.

4:48pm... Winthrop/Tenn update: Tie game at 54-54 with 10:44 remaining.

5:01pm... Have to miss the next 2 hours of coverage. Heading downtown for dinner at 6pm then poker afterwards. Not pleased with the results so far. I need Montana and Gonzaga to come through in order for me to break even for the day.

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