Monday, November 20, 2006

Sickly Monday

I felt the inklings of a cold coming on on Sunday morning after my run. Perhaps I should not have been jogging in 39 degree weather.

I woke up this morning around 6:30am totally foggy, groggy, and with a runny nose. This is the first time I've been sick since I started working out. I was virtually untouchable during two unhealthy benders in Vegas and Amsterdam. The germs bounced right off me. Now it's different. The drastic change in tempatures did me in. 65 one instance. 45 the next.

I skipped the run this morning and wrote for two hours instead. Writing with a severe nasal drip is not fun and gets very sticky. I only felt better after the wake and bake.

In the past week, I've come in 5th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st in different online poker tournaments. Sounds somewhat impressive, but I only cashed in one of them. I missed the money by one spot twice (including last night) and by two spots once.

That's poker, or so the adage goes. It is slightly frustrating because I haven't played this well in a very long time and even though I made great decisions and am at the top of my game... I still had a horrendous losing session over the weekend.

Just like in life, you can do almost everything flawlessly and come out behind. Conversely, you can fuck up a million things and come out ahead. I guess that's why you have to enjoy the good days and shrug off the bad ones.

I've been working on the second draft of JTSMD since Thursday paying specific attention to grammar edits that Jessica made. I hope to have five solid days of editing before I leave for LA/Las Vegas at the end of the month.

With one book read last week, my goal is to knock off another this week. I'm way behind my goal of "reading 50 books in 2006." But if I finish out strong and read 5 more books, I would have gotten close to 30 under my belt this year with two dozen or so books I started but never finished like Devil's Picnic (Taras Grescoe), Blue Blood (Ed Conolon), Take Me to the River (Peter Alston), Divine Invasions (Larry Sutin), and Rock Springs (Richard Ford).

All of those unfinished books sit on a pile on my desk like a junkyard of literature. As of now I'm 1/4 through Mainlines, a Lester Bangs book and have been alternating between that and the Philip K. Dick bio called Divine Invasions.

Time for me to fight the long lines at the post office this morning. I have to mail Jodd a belated birthday present that I got when I was in Amsterdam.

Recent Writing Music...
1. Art Blakely
2. Widespread Panic
3. Medeski, Martin & Wood with Trey Anasastio
4. Radiohead
5. Tea Leaf Green

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