Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10th Hour

I've been at work for 10 hours now at the Commerce Casino. It's just a little past 1AM and I anticipate another hour or so in media row before I get to go home... and do some more work. I have the end of day article due for Poker News which I started writing, but won't get to finish until I get back to my hotel room.

Nights like this are tough, but it's only an average night. Some instances I'm working 15... 16... 18 hours. Sometimes the other media reps drive you ape shit. One guy in particular won't shut the fuck up and I'd love to punt him across the ballroom. Luckily, the crew I work with are top notch and keep me sane. That's the only saving grace.

I've been drinking liquids at an alarming rate. Water and iced tea are a given. It makes me piss a lot, but when you constanty have to pee... it keeps you awake. I wait until I'm really tired before I bust into the Red Bull... which I just did.

I've been eating Denny's at least once a day since Saturday. I'm addicted to the Chicken Ranch sandwich on garlic buttered cibatta bread with bacon and ranch dressing.

For dinner, Nicky and I headed to Ozzie's diner, which is part 50s retro dinner and a truck stop filled with coffee drinkin truckers with mullets and beer guts and eyes wide open after being jacked up on crystal meth or other cheaper forms of speed. I ordered a chicken sandwich with chipolte sauce. It was so spicy that my bald spot was drenched.

My sore throat is almost gone but I stil have a 1/3 bottle of penicillin that I have to finish per doctor's orders. What I really need is my head checked. Why? Because I'm a fool for subjecting myself to this insanity.

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