Monday, February 26, 2007


My tonsilitis/strep throat has been downgraded to a scratchy throat. I can eat solid foods and drink liquids without any pain. Thanks goodness for penicillin and some Reiki done by Sparky. Today has been one of the best I felt in amost three weeks.

For a week, I moved into the Ramada Inn in Commerce, CA just outside of LA to cover the LA Poker Classic tournament. The hotel is about ten minutes away from the casino on side streets. The Ramada is OK but there's a Denny's attached to the front and if you order 24 room service... it's from Denny's.

Check out two articles I wrote in the last two days:
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So I'm spending most of my waking hours in a casino. What a shocker. I should be done with this late Thursday night, but I have a deadline on Friday for an article which blows. Since the Valentine's Day blizzard cut my visit two days short, and I was sick all of last week, I have one day to hang out with Nicky and enjoy the decent weather.

I fly back to NYC on Sunday and then next Wednesday I'm off to sunny Florida to visit Jerry, Sarah and the twins. Then I partake in the Langerado music festival the rest of the time I'm there with the usual suspects.

At some point, I have to do my taxes, athough I'm not looking forward to writing a check that's going to be somewhere around $30,000 to the US fuckin' government.

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