Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lazy Lazy

I have today off. My second day off in 14 days. I don't expect another one until June 23rd when I'll play in a WSOP event. And after that I might not get another day off until July 3 or July 4.

I got off early last night. My assignment was completed by 9pm and luckily Nicky had an early night as well. We took Benjo to dinner. He wanted pasta and we settled on Bautista's right behind the former Barbary Coast, now called Bill's Gambling Saloon.

Bautista's is cheap food with menus on the wall. They give you free red and white wine with your meal along with garlic bread, salad, and coffee at the end. I went there once before with Derek, Spaceman, Bobby Bracelet, and Mrs. Spaceman and had not been back since.

I finally watched The Sopranos final episode and caught an Entourage episode as well. Nicky downloaded both from the intertubes. I dug both and want to watch the Sopranos one more time before I pontificate about it.

Here are some things I posted on Tao of Poker in the last few days:

A dealer named Claudia walked over to media row on the floor of the Amazon Ballroom. "Maybe this will help you sleep with all those loud lawn mowers," she said and handed me a small vial. I asked her if it contained drugs. She told me they were earplugs. She read about my problems sleeping at my apartment in Del Bocca Vista and was kind enough to seek me out and give me the earplugs. Thanks again Claudia!

I ate a fruit salad for a third straight day in a row and skipped booze on my dinner break for a second day in a row. I've been having some health issues and I have to think about the bigger picture. Alas, I'm jonesin for a beer and real food.

Over the last three days, I ate at least one meal by myself. I prefer the alone time since I'm never alone aside from when I'm on the shitter. The last thing I want to do on a break is talk or think about poker. The only way to retreat is to hide out by myself in an eatery where no one will find me. I'm an extremely social person, but I crave my alone time. And I desperately need a few moments everyday where the focus is not on poker. My sanity by Day 12 is being tested on all accounts.

Jonno loves steak and eggs. I guess it's not common in Australia. Anyway, he's been ordering room service with a faux-American accent so they understand his order correctly. The funny thing is that his American accent sounds like a stoner kid from The Valley.

"Fuckin' Americans!" said Felipe as he got into work on Sunday. He told me a crazy story about a guy trying to sell him a bike for $40. I told him it was probably stolen.

Otis is always good for a hilarious quote like this one, "The maid who cleans my room must think I'm a chronic masturbator." Otis has been using one bottle of hand lotion per day due to his dry and flaky hands.

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