Thursday, June 28, 2007

Think of London...

Think of London. Small city. Dark. Dark in the day time...

I'm going to London in less than nine weeks. Of course I'm still stuck in Las Vegas for another three weeks for work before I get a week to relax and enjoy myself. But my thoughts are on other places that are not Las Vegas. Yeah, I've reached that point that comes around every summer where I'm counting down the days before I get to leave.

At least my Widespread Panic tickets arrived in the mail. They play Vegas on July 3rd. I can't wait. I asked for the day off so I can see them with Nicky.

Work has been tough, stressful, annoying, and overwhelming at times. The long hours are a fucking grind. I've been averaging less than three hours of sleep in the last week and that's finally catching up to me.

Since we rarely have enough time to eat, we end up at the same two or three places... every fuckin' day. My choices for dinner are bar food at the Tilted Kilt or shitty food at the Poker Kitchen. If we have enough time in the mornings, we eat at casino cafes. Very little variety.

I made Nicky get up early today so we can go somewhere different. Man, do I miss NYC. Shit, I even miss Hollyweird. I never thought I'd say that.

"How would you like to live in Barcelona for two months?" was a question that was posed to me.

"I'd love to... but I'd rather live in Amsterdam," I said.

Who knows. Maybe I can pull something off like that this fall. It's thoughts like that which get me through these brutal days when all I want to do is quit my job, move to Paris, develop a speed addicition, and write three novels in a month.

Think of Amsterdam. Small city...

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