Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Food Pic Dump

By Pauly
New York City

It's Monday and I'm starving. How about some random food pics that I took over the last two weeks in Hollyweird and in Las Vegas...

Showcase's black & white cookie from Canters

O'Groats bacon

O'Groats homefries

Bellagio's bacon omelete

Gracie bought AlCantHang bacon flavored crickets... and he ate them

Fondue from Nobhill

Flavored butter from Nobhill... the cranberry was yummy

Nicky got the Lobster pot pie at Nobhill

I ordered the kobe filet...

Dr. Jeff's dessert at Nobhill

Nicky's creme brulee at Nobhill

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Chocolate chip pancakes from OHOP at Green Valley Ranch

Bacon from OHOP

Friedman's strawberry pancakes from OHOP

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