Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still in California

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

JetBlue sent me an email suggesting that I change my flight to NYC. A big storm was a brewin' and they encouraged their customers to change their flights... free of charge before the storm hit. I opted to leave on Friday night instead of this afternoon. Of course like most storms, this one was overhyped by the weatherarti and I could have flown without any issues.

The bad news is that I had a lot of work I wanted to get done in NYC and finish up last minute Christmas shopping. The good news is that its 65 degrees in sunny California and you can't put a price tag on lovely weather. So I've taken it in stride and have been enjoying my extra time in Hollyweird.

The last couple of days have been tough since Nicky has been sick. Nicky got ill on our last day in Las Vegas. It's a combination of something we call the VegasFlu. A lot of our friends get it after a long bender in Sin City. All the partying, smoking, and dry dessert air contributes to a sickly environment. Nicky got nailed and she got worse since our return to Hollyweird. Me? I lost my voice by Sunday afternoon and could barely talk on Monday and Tuesday. It's a little better now, but fortunate for me, I avoided the VegasFlu. After all, I was sick for over two weeks in NYC before Vegas.

I posted two parts of a trip report over at my poker blog. There's some funny stuff in there and I encourage you to head over there to read it, especially sine it's only has a little gambling content and a lot of random Vegas weirdness.
Act I: Cowboys, Brits, and Bloggers
Act II: The Procedure and the Final Table Bubble
And check out my Las Vegas Flickr gallery which includes food pics.

I spent this morning on the phone with my Las Vegas hotel and my credit card company. I was fined for "room damages" because supposedly I trashed my suite. I wasn't happy that they charged my room without telling me. I was livid when they left me on hold for over 35 minutes and then failed to specifically tell me what happened.

I guess that was my Keith Moon moment of the month. Bastards.

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