Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Day?

By Pauly
New York City

Wait, it snowed while I slept? I never saw that coming, mainly because I had been avoiding the media and news. Luckily it turns into rain at some point and hopefully it won't affect my flight to Hollyweird.

I have been sick for 15 days. I have not been able to shake the bug, no matter what I try. Yesterday was the worst I've felt since my return to NYC. I got extremely frustrated because I had a lot of work to do and only got a small percentage of it done. I took a nap in the afternoon but that didn't help.

I was really looking forward for this time all year long. I busted my ass on so many different assignments and had to deal with bullshit business travel and wasted so many hours in security lines and checking in and out of hotels and stuck in taxi lines and sitting around in unknown airports while my flights were delayed. So when I finally get time to myself... I get sick. This was supposed to be the time when I really stepped up my writing game, instead I have been operating on 74% capacity and everything I wrote is not at the level I expected. And it's hard as balls to write with a nasal drip. My laptop is covered in snot because I'd rather keep writing and get the thoughts down that wipe my nose.

Now I have to fly out to the Left Coast for ten days which breaks up whatever writing rhythm I got myself into. Then I come back for two weeks but there's Christmas stuck in the middle of that and I have to pre-write a ton of shit before I leave for Australia/New Zealand for a month. In short, I'm pissed that my vacation was ruined by a lingering cold.

However, I penned a solid 32,000 words, even though I wasn't physically up to the task. I'm showing it to a friend in the movie business on Monday and hopefully I won't get laughed out of that town.

The only other good news is that I cranked out two pieces for the Swedes and only have one more piece to write and our project is done.

The Joker got hooked up with all these links to different soundboards from over a dozen Widespread Panic shows from their fall tour. He posted the links over at Phish blog and if you are a Spreadhead, then go enjoy yourself with a ton of yummy music. I have been listening to several shows non-stop and that has been soothing my soul. Oh, and we had a banner month at the live music and Phish blog! We had 27 posts on 25 different days in November. I'm glad that the Joker got fired up to post and he provided a ton of content over the last few weeks, which allowed me more time to work on other projects.

OK, I don't have much more time to write. I have to finish up Truckin' and then I have to work on a post for Tao of Poker and make a copy of my current writing project to bring with me to Hollyweird... and fuck, I almost forgot to do my football picks before the games start at 1pm.

Ah, since I dropped 15 pounds over the last few weeks, I ate breakfast twice today. I was up by 8am and went for an everything bagel with butter. Then I grabbed a bacon, egg, and cheese from the Greek diner.

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