Saturday, December 15, 2007

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By Pauly
New York City

I woke up early again and wrote for a bit in the dining room with the windows open while I listened to some Cream and Traffic. GMoney hooked me up with their greatest hits and I got reaquainted with a lot of their lesser known work. Nicky finally woke up and looked a lot better than she had been the previous few days while she wrestled with the VegasFlu. But she wasn't well enough to venture outside.

I walked down the street to Nick's and sat at the counter. I tip very well there so they all know me. I get top notch service and got served before a table of LA cops who were there before me. I ordered a breakfast sandwich even though it can't compare to the Greek diner in NYC. They do their best and it's served on wheat toast instead of a kaiser roll. I read a poker strategy book at the counter while I waited.

Nicky requested a chocolate shake to soothe her sore throat and I got one to go because I'm such a loving and caring boyfriend... hahahhaha.

I did a load of laundry and watched Mean Streets. Man, I forgot how much I loved that flick. Johnny Boy is one of Bobby DeNiro's best characters. I also forgot that one of the main characters ended up playing Richie Aprile in The Soprano over twenty years later.

I played some online poker in the late afternoon. I started out hot and then cooled off.Eventually Nicky felt better and wanted to grab a quick bite before she drove me to the airport. We decided on Canter's so she could get soup.

Our waiter was very gay, most likely an out-of-work actor from Nebraska or something with his corn-fed good looks and polite manners. I ordered a pastrami on a kaiser roll. Their chocolate cupcakes are yummy and I got one for dessert. We picked up a black and white cookie for Showcase.

There are always homeless people hanging out in front or near Canter's. One bum tapped out a bowl in front of Canter's parking lot. I could recognize that distinct sound anywhere. Everyone is a pot fiend in Hollyweird.

We stopped off at 7-11 on our way home to load up on supplies.

"I'm so sick of LA people. I need to get drunk," a hipster grumbled as he exited 7-11.

That was the quote of the day. Sometimes I feel his pain.

It took 90 minutes to get the airport due to Friday traffic. When I finally got there, I played online poker at Long Beach airport with Daddy, Iggy, Aussie Garth, and Donkey Puncher. I was early by two hours and killed some time since the airport is very small with only four gates and two flights were scheduled to depart my gate before my flight, so that area was packed.

I'm not a fan of red eyes and only take them if it is absolutely necessary. Since I had to change my flight at the last minute due to the weather, I had no choice.

The last time I flew a domestic red eye was at the end of March when I flew Las Vegas to NYC. Then had to return to the airport nine hours later for my flight to Monte Carlo via Madrid and Nice. That was one of the most brutal legs of travel I experienced this year. Lucky for me, it was just a quick five hour flight from the coast to coast.

I bought ESPN magazine at the newsstand. I had been trying to avoid any sort of mainstream media, including magazines (aside from the poker rags that I thumbed through in Las Vegas). Joba Chamberlin from the Yankees was on the cover so naturally I picked it up. Of course, I got duped and the article was a short piece. Bastards.

I didn't have much choice of seats. I originally had a middle seat and got the last window seat. I had not been taking pharmies since my flight back from Oz. Since the Xannies would help me sleep, I took one just before take off.

I passed out and woke up somewhere over western Pennsylvania. We were less than forty minutes from NYC and I was out for four hours.

I didn't have to pick up nay bags since I traveled super light and only took the clothes on my back and my laptop. I got lucky and there was no one in line at the taxi stand. It took less than 25 minutes to get me home.

I thumbed through some mail and put it aside. I crashed for another four hours, from 7am to 11am. which is rare. But I welcomed the sleep. When I woke up, I tore into a pile of mail and magazines.

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