Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Skate for Jesus

I had a family meal on Monday night. It was my uncle's birthday and we ate Italian food in the Bronx. I ordered the veal parmigania. The sauce was good. The service was bad. The birthday dinner killed my wrting session. I just got into a good groove when my brother called me to remind me about dinner. Last Monday we had to drive up to Westchester to visit my granmother's grave It was the one month anniversary of her death. Since then I've done LA to Vegas, Vegas to NYC, NYC to Vegas, and Vegas back to NYC. She's buried in the same plot as my grandfather. They are buried in the same cemetery as Babe Ruth. I think that's what I heard once. I never went over to look. That killed a half a day of writing tme as well. So my first day of writing last Monday was a half a day, just like this past Sunday.

It was unreasonably warm on Monday in the city. My body gets fucked up when it's freezing one day and mild the next. I don't mind cold weather as long as it's consistent. I'd like to take the time and go sit and the park and read my work, but it's been too cold.

The stock market closed above 11,000 for the first time since 9.11. That's good news for some. I thought it would take at least five years to hit those marks. It's been 4 years and 4 months. I only have one major holding... an energy stock. Sort of.

BG sent me his Soul Brother iMix which he made on iTunes. Had some good stuff like Grant Green, the Digable Planets, and Miles Davis.

I miss Hollywood of the 1980s. They made some great flicks back in the day. Some things they'll never ever make again, gems like Easy Money or Fletch. These days we get sequels of the ass and movies based on comic books and video games.

The Las Vegas project is over 62K words now. Less than one week to go.

Dammit. My ten minutes is up.

Recent Writing Music...
1. Medeski, Martin, & Wood
2. Jack Johnson
3. Galactic
4. Jerry Garcia Band
5. Rilo Kiley

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