Thursday, January 19, 2006

On the Road

I'll be away on an assignment for two weeks. The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City hired me to cover a poker tournament that they are running. This is the first time that my services has been hired by a casino. In the past I've done things from a media standpoint, so it will be interesting to experience a poker tournament from the side of the casino/management. They are putting me up in their swanky rooms. I have to pay for porn movies, but the room is free. Living in a casino for the next two weeks... what's not to enjoy?

You can check out a schedule of events for the Borgata Winter Open.

I'm a skilled traveler, which makes me a savvy packer and yet I still think that I over pack. I threw everything together inside of two hours. Remarkable. First you have to make a list. What do you bring on the road.

I break it down into a few areas: Clothing & Toiletries, Equipment, Entertainment, and Big Dogs.

Clothing is simple. Underwear, socks, t-shirts, dress slacks, and a few dress shirts. Toss in my toiletries bag with an assortment of pills and cold medications. Done in ten minutes.

Equipment is stuff I need to cover tournaments... laptop, power cords, cameras, batteries, voice recorder, notepads, pens, and air card.

Entertainment is iPod, books, DVDs, and party favors.

And the Big Dogs are just that... the things I can't forget... my wallet, cell phone, passport, press badge, and poker bankroll.

That's it. I'm ready to roll in less than 2 hours. In the past I've forgotten one or two things but I always adhered to the Senor rule.

"You can always buy what you need when you get there."

Unless you are trekking in the Himalayas, he's right. No need to overpack.Sure, it's going to be expensive whatever you need, but it's worth the extra bucks to be able to travel light. I've wandered the streets of Reykjavik with Senor in quest for a jacket. One gay Icelandic salesman grabbed his junk when he tried one on.

"I'm shocked to say, I actually liked it."

"The jacket or him grabbing your junk?"


Senor didn't buy the jacket. But he found one eventually. He still wears it five years later.

Anyway, I'm a good packer. And I'm packed ready for a two week stint away. I can pack for a weekend or one week trip in less than an hour. Those are easiest to pack for. First gig of the New Year. I got a haircut, shaved, and I'm in a good headspace after writing for two weeks straight.

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