Monday, January 16, 2006

Last 4 Messages Daddy Left Me On My Voice Mail....

1. "Seen the city. Seen the zoo. Traffic light won't let me through."

2. "Where you at you ugly fucker?"

3. "That was ten beers. Three joints. And a fistful of mushrooms for a pre-party. (Inaudible) Wow!"

4. "Doctor. What the fuck? How could a professional rambler not answer his phone? That's right you are a professional fuckin' rambler. And if you don't know what that term means, I highly suggest tht you start listening to more bluegrass music. I am extremely jealous and envious of the life that you lead. It's gorgeous. It's beautiful. It kinda reminds me of ripping a big fucking gagger off a stripper's titties. I hope this message find you strong."

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