Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day Trois in Monte Carlo

Today is the third day I've been in Monte Carlo and I cannot wait to leave. I'm an experienced traveler and this is my least favorite place that I've been in a very long time. Compared to Barcelona or Australia (places where I've covered international poker tournaments), Monte Carlo is vastly overrated. Everything appears pretty and cool but in reality, it's just not my scene.

The cliffs and architecture is amazing. The views of the Mediterranean are stunning and the locals are not as rude as I expected, but everything is overpriced and overvalued. And there's nothing for me to do aside from walk from my hotel to the casino.

On my second day here or Day 1a of the tournament, I worked in the Bay Casino for 16 hours without any specific breaks. I worked through dinner and ate a 20 Euro cheeseburger in media row. All I ate yesterday was a half of baugette, a croissant, and a cheeseburger including an OJ. I found a bakery up the hill and ordered the OJ, croissant, and baugette. The girl at the counter said 2.85 Euros. I thought she forgot to ring everything up. It was the correct price and I found the cheapest breakfast in Monte Carlo. I drank three Heineken's and that was it all day.

I got back to my hotel room at 4:19am and I was up until 6am or so trying to finish up the day's work. After an 18 hour work day, I passed out after chatting with Nicky on Skype and was awoken at 10am by my wake up call. I hopped in the shower, ordered room service, and finished up an article for a deadline. I had to leave for the casino at Noon, so I had less than 90 minutes to get everything done.

The best part of Monte Carlo so far has to be waking up and discovering Beverly Hills 90210 in French! I shot a quick video of it.

Click here to view the French dubbed version of 90210.

I fucked up my room service order. I asked for an order of scrambled eggs, wheat toast, bacon, and OJ. When they asked me if I wanted one or two eggs, I said, "Two." I assumed that he meant how many eggs I wanted. When my food arrived (quickly I might add) there were two orders of scrambled eggs and undercooked bacon. What the fuck?

In Japan seven years ago, Senor and I went into McDonalds after a Phish concert. I was shitfaced on mushrooms and ordered a #3 which was a double-cheeseburger meal. I pointed at the picture and flashed three fingers to the cute girl in an even cuter outfit. She assumed I asked for three orders of #3. I was shocked to get three double-cheeseburgers, three cokes, and three orders of fries. Of course in Japan, all the portions are small so it was like eating 1.5 orders. Regardless. Be careful of what you order overseas.

There are 200 international media reps here covering the EPT Championships. The media room is huge and one of the biggest set ups I have ever seen. The best part of the media room is that they give you free Coke, Coke Light (Diet Coke), coffee, OJ, Evian water, and Pellegrino sparkling water. That was a nice treat.

I'm expecting another long night of working until 6am so it's just past Noon here in Monte Carlo which is the start of a very very very very long day.

OK, so I'm bitching about work and bitching about Monte Carlo. The best thing so far... is all the Swedish chicks here in media row covering the Swedish poker players and all the hot ass in the poker room. Here's what I wrote over at Poker News for their live coverage:
Several of his tablemates deeply respect and admire (Chris) Moneymaker for what he's done with poker, especially how he, as an unknown player won a seat online, headed to Las Vegas to play in his first live tournament and eventually take down Sammy Farha en route to his 2003 WSOP victory. One of the players at his table noted about how big the EPT has gotten.

"I started all this," he joked.

Everyone at his table laughed and thanked him for his contribution to poker. I also want to thank him for the international "Moneymaker Effect." Because of him, thousands and thousands of Swedes now play poker. They bring their buxom blonde girlfriends and their friends (for some odd reason Swedish women travel in packs) to poker tournaments and stand on the rail. Thanks to Moneymaker for all the Scandi eye candy. It makes covering tournaments in Europe a lot more fun with plenty of talent on the rail to gawk at.

Photos of hot Swedish ass courtesy of PokerStars

Here are some random pictures that I took from yesterday:

View of the sea from the Casino

The Media Room

The tournament area

My morning breakfast

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