Friday, March 09, 2007

Trey Late Night Ft. Lauderdale Setlist

3.8.07 Trey Anastasio Band, Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Set 1: Shine, Money Love & Change, Ice & Snow, Simple Twist Up Dave, Ether Sunday, Dark & Down, Dragonfly, Gotta Jibboo (1:12)

Set 2: Tuesday, Spin > Jam, Mr. Completely > Percussion Jam > Mr. Completely, Bar 17 > Small Axe > Cincinnati

Encore: Push On Til the Day (1:25)

Review pending. Solid show. Dragonfly and Jiboo were the highlights of set 1. Mr. Completely into their crazy percussion jam was intense and rocked set 2. We were up on the balcony all night right above Trey. Amazing spot. Super crowded venue. They sold Red Stripe. The show ended just about midnight and we headed out back to catch the last hour or so of STS9. Two shows in one night.

The Joker bought a fake ticket to STS9 and got denied at the front door. He had to hang out front and text message his yoga-instrcutor girlfriend in Boulder while Nicky and I headed into the STS9 show. Place was packed with wookies. It was outdoors but it still smelled like dank weed, patchouli, and foul body odor. We found Sweet Sweet Pablo at the back of STS9's show. We got lost in a sea of wookies. On our way out, there was a girl puking in a garbage can.

Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot hung outside the venue to hustle the bevy of spun out hippie chicks, shirtless wookies, and flat brimmed hat wearing college kids on spring break from North Carolina who did not have tickets to the show. Or shoes.

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