Friday, March 02, 2007

Sleepy Friday

I've been tired and sleepy the entire time I've been in LA. It all started when I had to get up at 4:30am to snag a cab to JFK airport what seemed like months ago. Add restless nights when I've been sick and couldn't sleep and the past week of work where I'd be up very late working on a deadline and getting up very early for other stuff, and you have one exhausted person.

I finished one deadline around 3am last night. The night before I was up until 3am writing and got to watch the Halloween episode of My So Called Life. It comes on at 2am on the N channel which also offers up such gems as reruns of Dawson's Creek and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

I was up by 7am and had to deal with Citibank's credit card security department, who flags amost every purchase I make these days. Don't they know I travel a lot and make weird purchases like hotels, concert tickets, and plane tickets? My flight from Nice to Amsterdam on Air France got flagged along with a couple nights in a hotel in Amsterdam that I booked yesterday. At least the support person was located in North America. That got me off minor tilt.

I wrote for a few hours before Nicky woke up and we drove over to Doughboys for breakfast. I ordered the Scramble #3. With scrambled eggs, penette pasta, sausage, garlic, tomato, basil, diced fresh mozzarella and pecorino cheeses. I picked out the tomatoes and got a side order of bacon. It also comes with a side of corn bread. Next time, I'll get wheat toast instead and substitute shrooms instead of the tomato. We sat outside because it was a nice day and our waiter happened to be a poker player. I pegged him for a typical struggling actor/LA douchebag/WeHo hipster. Turns out he's just a degenrate gambler who waits tables.

After food, I sat outside in the alley of Nicky's apartment, soaking up the sunshine and inhaling the low-smog day, and utilized the wifi to get some research and work done for another deadline. At least I get to finally consume alcohol as my last bit of antibiotics have been ingested. I also did some laundry, so I don't have to do any in NYC when I get home. I have about a 55 hour window of time in NYC and don't think I can write and do my taxes.

I'm a little swamped this weekend with the upcoming LA issue of Truckin', a spec piece I'm writing for Fox Sports, and two deadlines for Poker Pro. I also have to write a column for Poker Player Newspaper before I go to Florida on Wednesday. With a Sunday afternoon flight, my time is limited in Hollyweird. I'm going to blow off a work function on Saturday just so I can catch up with other freelance work.

I have a gift card with a few bucks left on it and decided to let Nicky take me shopping so I can buy a new tie for Monte Carlo. I have plenty of suits, but my ties aren't up to date. They're at least ten years old and some are older. Plus the Jerry Garcia ties aren't going to cut it in Monte Carlo.

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