Saturday, March 10, 2007

Trey Langerado Setlist
3.9.07 Trey Anastasio Band, Langerado, FL

Set 1: Shine, Alive Again, Tuesday, What's Done, Money Love Change, Ice & Snow, Mud City (with Aaron Neville), Push On Til the Day, Plasma, Dragonfly, First Tube

Encore: Drifting
Average Trey show. We had an amazing spot about 15th row in the middle. We all thought Thursday was better because of the repeats that Trey played. We saw 50% of his Langerado set at Revolution. I was bored during songs like What's Done and Ice & Snow and thought of a dozen other tunes they could have been playing. The horns are an amazing addition, but they drown out Ray P. on keys. Jeff Sipe is a solid drummer but he's fallen into the Skeeto-trap where he made a great debut and slowly, his weaknesses are starting to show. Sound at the Everglades stage was a little muddled and not as crisp as indoors at Revolution.

Trey looked good and sober, but he put out an average show. We all know he could do better. He needs to do one of two things... get Phish back together or practice more with his band so he can play a wider range of tunes and allow all the musicians to learn how to jam out better together.

The highlights did include First Tube and Ivan Neville sitting in on Mud City.

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