Thursday, December 16, 2004

Getting Props

I have had a lot of good things said about me by some bloggers who met me for the first time. Here's some om my favorites.

Bob wrote:
If I had one day to spend in New York, Pauly would be the guy I want planning my day. You get the vibe from Pauly that he could get anything done within an hour. Need a place in Vegas to host a private tourney? Pauly will take care of it from New York. Need a hooker to disappear? My guess is Pauly could get it done.
Otis mentioned:
BadBlood was near bubbly as we hit the motorized walkway. He'd cashed in his first Vegas tournament and we were on our way to meet the bloggers.

"We have to page Dr. Pauly," he said. I agreed in earnest and did my best to avert my eyes as we walked into the poker room.

"Don't let them see you looking," Blood said. Blood walked to the front counter and grabbed Ari, the manager.

"Could you please page Dr. Pauly?" Blood asked.


Ari jumped on the mic. I could barely contain myself as Ari and his accent hit the airewaves: "Dr. Paury! Paging Dr. Paury!"

And there he was at a middle table, jumping up to greet us. The great Dr. Paury himself. It is here, friends, that life in the Days of Otis, begins to take an odd but fantastically sublime turn.
And of course, Iggy the Blogfather joined in:
Only one thing is gonna cure what ails me: booze and lots of it. After praying with Saint Hair of the Dog for a bit, I snack on some olives for breakfast before finally hitting the card room and sitting with Pauly and Derek. Had a damn good time hanging with these two, not only here, but all weekend. Pauly's blog doesn't do him justice, believe me, you've got to hang with The Good Doctor to get a full sense of his huge, gregarious personality. You can't make a guy like Pauly up.
And one of my favorites, was from Maudie:
I found the poker room at last and immediately spied Pauly (I'd seen his picture), sitting at a table playing. I went to the counter, however, and asked them to page Dr. Pauly. The guy said, "Dr. Pauly? I know where Dr. Pauly is..." and he took me to Pauly. And it begins. I got a big hug from Pauly, then I spied something out of the corner of my eye - someone stood up and yelled "Ant Maudie!" - and there was Al, arms outstretched and a shit-eating grin on his face.
More to come.

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