Friday, December 10, 2004

Vegas Bound

I'm off to Sin City for an unspecified amount of time. I'm still shocked that Sam's Town, an actual Las Vegas casino is hosting 29 of my friends plus me for a private tournament with professional poker players hanging out and playing with us! That's like having a basketball tournament with your buddies and Stephon Marbury shows up. Pretty cool. I'm kinda all geeked out that I'll have a chance to meet and ask questions with an actual World Series of Poker champion, Tom McEvoy (1983).

Chances are that I'll be updating my poker blog more than this blog, unless something really juicy happens. In the meantime, if you are bored, take a peek at my new fotoblog gallery. I'm slowly moving pics off my old gallery and into this one. When I get back from Vegas, I'll update the gallery. Most of those pics I took during my travels.

And if you haven't been reading Truckin'... here's your chance to start reading back issues that you missed.

Yes, I'm excited to play in the blogger's tourney. I've met 1/3 of the players before. The other 20 or so I have not met. A few of us talked on the phone. I've IMed and played with most of them online at Party Poker... but never met the majority of them in real life. In so many ways, on so many levels, this trip is extremely humbling for me. A year ago, I only knew about a few other poker blogs... but in the last several months, the entire poker scene and the entire blogging scene blew up over night. Add them both together and you have one of the fastest growing and one of the more popular niches in bloggerdom. To be included in that community is an amazing feeling. To be recognized for my writing skills by people from all walks of life has been inspiring and without a doubt, that got be back on track artistically. I mean let's face it, people are coming to my poker blog in huge masses not because I play poker well... it's because I write about poker very well. I've logged a lot of long hours working on my craft and although I never started writing with an audience in mind... to know that I have one, and a loyal and supportive audience at that... is a soothing feeling. Some of the artists, writers, and other creative people that I admire never got a small percentage of the support I thrive in on a daily basis. Thanks to everyone for that.

Time to stop blogging and go to the airport.

Recent Writing Music...
1. The Band
2. Bob Dylan with The Grateful Dead
3. Sidney Bechet
4. Lou Reed
5. Radiohead

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