Friday, December 17, 2004

More Vegas Numbers...

Total Trip Combined Winnings by Bloggers: -1100
Poker: +400
Sports Book: +330
Prop Bets: +30
Keno: -5
Horse Racing: -70
Pai Gow: -85
Slots: -485
Craps: -500
Black Jack: -825

I polled 17 bloggers... to figure put approximate wins and losses. Al Cant Hang suggested that we consumed roughly $1000 in alcohol a day. 86.7% of that was by Al Cant Hang and Big Mike. One anonymous blogger dropped over $1500. It's obvious that as a group we're doing OK in poker and at the sports book. We get our asses kicked in -EV games like slots, blackjack and craps. Stay away from those tables! And make sure you don't place a bet when The Cooler is lurking.

Someone asked me how I did for the trip. Well, I won enough to cover my airfare and hotel from NYC and a couple of Christmas presents. So now, I'm even. Spending my winnings once again instead of building my bankroll. Over the weekend, I missed making the money in two tournaments by four places in total... bubbled in the blogger tourney 6th/30 and came in 11th/60 in another. A cash in any of those would have added to my winnings.

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