Thursday, December 09, 2004

Vegas To Do List...

People that know me well know that I make up these To Do lists on scratch paper and I won't throw it out until everything is done that I wrote down. Here are a few things I must do before I leave for the airport in 21 hours...

1. Email Ursula
2. Laundry
3. Pack... clothes, laptop, and other stuff
4. ATM
5. Read Daddy's short story
6. Write a review of Schanzer's new book
7. Christmas shopping online
8. Write a preview of the WPBT Holiday Classic
9. Compile a list of phone numbers of people in Vegas
10. Reserve a car service for a ride to the airport
11. The OC episode four write up
12. Do my fantasy football picks including Crush Your Bookie
13. Vote for Elisha Cuthbert
14. Post office to mail out a Pauly painting and to buy stamps
15. Drink Orange Gatorade
16. Buy HELLO MY NAME IS... name tags
17. Play for three hours on Party Poker
18. Lunch and relaxation therapy with Briana
19. Update the Tao of Poker
20. Read all my favorite blogs
21. Watch The OC tonight
22. Crank call Otis
23. Re-read Super System on the shitter

I am fortunate that I get to travel a fair amount so packing is almost second nature to me. I can do it all in less than thirty minutes. A trip to Vegas is the easiest to pack for as compared to say a camping trip. Since I'm going to spending all of my time indoors in a casino, all I really need is a nice shirt, sunglasses, and cash... and I'm set.

Here's my formula for packing...
1. Underwear = amount of days traveling + 1
2. Socks = amount of days - 1
3. Pants = amount of days divided by 3
4. Dress shirts = 1 per week
5. T-shirts = amount of days divided by 2
6. Cash = $1000 per day in Vegas

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