Sunday, July 17, 2005

Charlie Tuttle Memorial Tournament

We got 144 players including Wil Wheaton. Great news is that the bloggers raised over $2880 in memory of Charlie Tuttle. Awesome! Thanks to everyone who played and pimped this event on their blogs. Thanks again to Iggy and BG for their organizational skills.

Finally congrats to "sarahbellum" who beat out Mr. Decker to win the first Charlie Tuttle Memorial Tournament. Great job.

I was knocked out early in 138th place when I moved all in with 10-10. I ran into TarOrpheus's pocket Kings and that was it. I finished up a freelance article while I sweated my brother's table.

I wasn't very social this time around and I apologize if I couldn't chat with all of you. I was wicked hungover ater a night of heavy drinking with Otis and a late night run to a strip club with Grubby. Stay tuned for that write up.

Congrats again to sarahbellum and everyone who helped raise this money.

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