Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sundays Are Fundays

The WSOP media director said that someone had been looking for me. Nolan explained to me that someone stopped by the media room twice to seek me out.

My initial response, "Was it a chick? And, was she hot?"

He laughed and told me it was a guy. My fan told Nolan that he was an admirer of my WSOP coverage on this poker blog, on, Poker Player Newspaper, and Fox Sports. Unfortunately, he stopped by the only time I wasn't at the Rio. I have to work seven days a week and have not had a day off since I started covering the WSOP on June 6th. I've been trying to take half days off once a week. Because Friday did not have any final tables (a rarity), I took most of the day off and part of the evening to attend Nolan Dalla's book signing and meet Stu Ungar's widow Madeline Ungar and chat with Peter Alston. I missed the mayor by a few minutes.

The other night, like at 3 or 4am, I was playing in a MTT on Full Tilt. I know, I'm a loser. I live in Las Vegas and I sit in my room on dial up, playing online poker. The main reason I subject myself to that misery is so I can multi-task and read/answer all my email while I am folding all my junk hands. Hey, if I could take my laptop to the table at the Mirage, I'd be doing that. Plus it seems that the Rio is the last place I want to play cards when I get off of work. However, I'm always working late. Once I leave the Rio, I have two or three hours of writing a head of me at home. That's why I never go to sleep before 6 or 7am. Back to my point, I was playing on Full Tilt and some guy name Bdiddie (I'm sure I'm getting the name wrong, I apologize in advance) wrote in the chat box, "How's the Redneck Riviera treating you?"

Wow. I happened to be playing in a MTT with someone who reads my poker blog. Pretty cool, huh? I've been recognized by readers before, but this was the first time since the WSOP started and my readership has increased substantially since then. Too bad I was knocked out early. I also ran into a guy earlier in the week at the Rio who said the same comment about the Redneck Riviera. Otis can verify that strange, yet flattering experience. I also met Debbie that same afternoon and she had been reading my blog for over a year, probably longer.

One of my first fans, NYC Poker Babe, stopped by yesterday. She's been reading my blog since I started it almost two years ago. Anyway, she's in town for a few weeks so at least I have someone from New York to keep me sane. I also bumped into Bill Rini, who is in for the weekend with friends. Again, seeing familiar faces while I'm in the trenches is a definite morale boost. Earlier in the week, Hank987 and his wife stopped by to say hello. Ryan and his wife came by to see Felicia and stopped by to say hello.

Thanks to everyone who sent me nice thoughts and comments regarding my last post. I'm much better than you think. I use my blog to vent and articulate thoughts that are festering inside of the hallways of my mind. Once I get it out, I'm always better. I know that I got 2 weeks left and that rest assured, I'll be enjoying every waking moment that I have here. I mean, how many people get to have Doyle Brunson sit five feet from you while you are at work?

Random Doyle Brunson factoid of the day: He has one black crutch and on the top of the black leather handle, the words "Texas Dolly" are stitched.

I know a lot of friends have been worried about me. I'll be fine. I lose my shit once every two weeks, so it's expected. Jay Greenspan lost his mud the other day. The life of Otis has been a rollercoaster. Everyone who's been here for four weeks knows that at some point you get sick and you lose your mind. I've had both happen to me so I can glide into the final stretch. I'm prepared for the main event.

I'll get plenty of rest when the WSOP is over. I plan on partying for a day or so, then sleeping for a few days. The week after the WSOP will be devoted to relaxing with some time alone to write for myself and away from the blogs. I have friends coming in from New York City including Senor from Rhode Island, so I'll be much better once I can slip into tourist mode and hit up strip clubs with Grubby and wear obnoxious Hawaiin shirts. Plus I have some interesting side trips planned once the WSOP is over. I'll be staying in Las Vegas through mid August and in the meantime, I'll hitting up Santa Fe, L.A., and Boulder over a few weekends. I'm really excited to see Trey Anastasio Band play at Red Rocks with my buddy the Joker. Plus Sound Tribe Sector 9 is opening up for Trey so you know that show is going to be smokin' hot.

Oh, on an unrelated note, I saw a fight this morning, but I'll save that story for Monday or Tuesday.

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