Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's 5:30am and I'm drunker than Albert Finney on a two day bender. Been pounding cocktails at the Luxor since Senor arrived in Las Vegas 5 hours ago. Grubby and I were playing poker at Mandalay Bay for several hours while awaiting Senor's arrival. He doubled up at his NL table with the Hilton Sisters while I got kicked in the junk repeatedly on my $4/8 table (with a half kill to $6/12). At least Joanne kicked ass last night in her multi on Party Poker. She took 8th out of 2000. Way to go Joanne!! She even called us for a dial-a-shot at 3am!

Sorry for the short post. Not much to say aside from that Senor flew all the way out from Rhode Island to party it up for a few days. He wants to raise hell, play Pai Gow poker, and hit up strip clubs with Grubby and myself.

Feel free to read my final table recap of the Ultimate Poker Challenge $10K main event at the Plaza.

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