Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Good Bellagio Day

I spent most of the first part of Tuesday writing. The rest of it was at the Bellagio where I covered a poker tournamnet. Tobey Maguire was playing along with several top pros. I like working in the Bellagio much more so that at the Rio Casino or downtown at Binion's Horseshoe.
5 Random Reasons Why I Dig Woking at the Bellagio...
1. The Sports Book is steps away from the Poker Room. I walk over twenty feet and watch some of the Yankees game.
2. The eye candy is yummy. Hotter chicks populate the Belllagio.
3. The bar is also steps away from the Poker Room.
4. Food comps for media types.
5. Being able to also see plenty of high stakes players "at work" in other cash games.
I took a more laid back approach to working yesterday. I actually played a cash game while covering the tournament. I would get up in between hands and check on the progress since BJ was hard at work covering it for Card Player. Anyway, in my cash game I caught some amazing cards within the first 15 minutes and won a few big pots. I was up $250 in the first hour and walked away soon after.

I went home to write some more and ended up playing an online tournament. My good run at the tables continued after I came in 13th out of 124 players. In an odd coincidence, Heather from Poker Wire was also in the tournament and was seated at my tables on two different times!

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