Monday, July 04, 2005

Office Space

Media Row: Otis, Dan (standing up), Pauly, BJ, and Heather

OK, I complained a lot about some of the harsh hours and my living conditions, but let me tell you about the folks I get to long hours with... they are some of the nicest and most hilarious people I have met. When you are covering poker tournaments for 15 hours straight, you must develop a good sense of humor.

Lisa from Poker Wire and I got into a weird conversation and it eventually steered towards sex. At one point I asked Lisa what the strangest thing she thought about during sex. She quickly responded, "Thinking about clipping my cat's toenails." That had us cracking up for a good ten minutes. It's never a dull here in media row.

Amy Calistri is always making me laugh. She just walked over to me and said, "Guess which poker payer has the biggest cock?"

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