Saturday, August 19, 2006

Grubby Time

I thought I was dreaming when I heard voices. It ended up being a married couple from Iowa milling around in the apartment. They were there buying Grubby's bed. I was super exhausted after I fell asleep just three hours earlier around sunrise. I knew they were coming and hoped to sleep through it. No such luck.

Grubby realized after he sold his bed on Craigs List that he had no place to sleep. If the couch sold later today, he's forced to sleep on the floor until he goes back to Chicago on Monday.

Grubby arrived in Las Vegas around Midnight on Friday. He got stuck with an SUV for his rental because they ran out of cars. He had the choice of a minivan and SUV. Since he's moving a lot of shit, the SUV seemed like the natural choice.

My Friday afternoon and evening included a fun and lazy day hanging out with a couple of locals that I've befriended, Carmen and Don, who moved here from South Florida a few months ago. After a long work stint covering the WSOP, I was ready to hang out and have a good time without any looming deadlines.

Carmen had been working like 9 out of the last 10 days and she wanted to let loose. I was at Red Rock casino playing poker when they showed up. We headed to the bar at the sports book so I could watch the Yankees-Red Sox back end of the doubleheader. I played a little video poker with Don and drank free beers before we headed to the craps table. Carmen was showing off her cleavage to the throwers on our end who were on a roll. That seemed to work and at the same time, it tilted the floor guys and pit poss. By the end of the session, they all knew Carmen's name.

They were nice enough to buy me dinner at T-Bones a swanky steakhouse. The night before I ate a filent mignon at Palm for the Poker Prof's birthday. Back-to-back kick ass meals. That sure beats the crappy cheeseburgers in the food court at the Rio, which I lived on for two weeks.

After Grubby got home, we went to Balboa's Pizza at Green Valley Ranch around 2am. I had eaten only a couple of hours before, but it's our tradition. Usually when I fly into town, Grubby picks me up at the airport and we go straight to Balboa's where he catches me up on his latest gambling and strippers exploits. This time, I had all the gambling nuggets and he told me about the strip clubs he hit up in Kansas and Iowa during his business trip last week. I ordered dessert... an apple fritter ice cream combo.

Since the WSOP ended, I've been losing at the non-poker tables (Pai Gow, craps, and sports betting) and I've been losing playing online poker. I've been winning at the live poker tables which means I'm just breaking even.

I have less than one more week in Las Vegas to make some money playing cards. Hopefully Grubby can most of his stuff done today so we can gamble tonight and all day Sunday.

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