Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Editor's Note: I wanted to post this when I woke up in the morning, but I was so busy that I finally got the chance to do it nine hours later. I started out having an awful day and it's grown progressively worse. I even snapped at Senor when he called to tell me it was Jerry Day.

Everyday over the past few weeks, the three hardest challenges I faced were sleep depravation, poor diet, and the unknown. Flipchip told me that he had a theory that the reason we felt much better than last summer was that we weren't eating the food at the Rio. He's stopped eating it all together, while I've did my best to avoid eating at the Rio over the last month or so. Since the world championship event began last Friday, I knew that I'd be practically living at the Rio which meant I'd be forced to eat their food.

Lucky for me, the quality of the food has improved near the tournament area. It used to be crappy and now its slightly edible. Instead of drinking at the infamous Hooker Bar, I found myself knocking back pints at the Tilted Kilt since it serves both booze and food, which is much more appealing to me than the crap they feed the tournament players.

I've been living at the Treasure Island casino since Thursday with Change100 as my roommate. I have the room for almost 13 days as part of my freelance compensation package for my work with PokerStars. The TI is not a bad place and they renovated it since the last time I stayed at TI over six summers ago with Derek. The TI is about a five minute drive from the Rio, which is anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes closer than my apartment in Henderson with Grubby. I'm saving anywhere from a half hour to an hour a day by not having that long commute. That extra time goes towards sleep.

I still have a rental car and it's a PT Cruiser that I picked up last Thursday. The rental agency was short on cars. I had a choice between a minivan or a minivan. I took the minivan. I started to drive it when I realized the brakes sucked. I spotted a PT out of the corner of my eye and asked for a switch. In the last five weeks, I've driven a convertible, a fast ass Honda, and now a pretty lame-looking PT Cruiser.

I had some technical difficulties over the past few days. The wifi in my hotel room is not so strong. Since PokerStars bought up a ton of rooms at the TI for players who won their seat into the WSOP online. They have been tying up the bandwidth by staying in their rooms and playing online poker after they bust out.

The power chord on my computer broke late on Friday night. Since then, I've had to rotate and share juice with other people in the media room who also have a Dell laptop. I've been sharing power chords from Ali, Change100, and Otis. I ordered a new power source and I expect to have it soon.

I've been getting some great feedback over the stuff I've been writing over the past few days, which is encouraging, especially when I'm tired.

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I was so tired on Sunday night, I almost fell asleep walking down the long corridor to get to my room. I almost fell asleep again on Monday morning when I did the reverse walk to the elevators. I've fallen asleep while driving a few times so why couldn't I have done the same while walking?

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