Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ten Minute Tuesdays: Burbular Errands

I'm not giving myself ten minutes because I have to force myself to write. I only have ten minutes to write on the Tao of Pauly. I'm just one more article away from finishing up WSOP stuff. It's like the end of the spring semester in college. All your friends are finished with finals and already went home for the summer and you have one more paper to hand in. That's where I'm at. I could have pulled an all nighter last night, but I slept. Nothing serious, but I'm getting a good four or five hours a night now since the WSOP ended late last week. I'm awaiting the Xanax/Valium one/two punch on Thursday when I'll pass out for 16-20 hours and catch up on a ton of rest.

I was up by 8am writing and reading. I'm back to doing my free write for two hours in the mornings. It's like exercise for me. It felt great not to write about poker or Las Vegas. I caught up on an hour of email. I'm still like 1300 pieces of unread and 1000 pieces of unanswered emails behind. It will take me the rest of the month to catch up. I've become a slave to my email.

I made several online purchases including a reserving a room in Atlantic City, getting a rental car for AC, reserving a hotel room for Vegoose, buying Galactic tickets for Boulder, and I bought book on Philip K. Dick that Ryan recommended to me. I also took photos of several items in Grubby's apartment that he wants to sell. I emailed him to put on his Craigslist ads. We're hoping strippers that just moved here would be interested in his bed, exercise bike, or couch.

Change100 was still sleeping by the time I jumped in the car and ran errands at 10am. I detest the burbs, but I enjoy living in the serenity of Henderson, a southeast Las Vegas suburb. I'm on a hill near the Seven Hills or Anthem Hills area. My apartment complex is the base of the mountain and you have to drive up Eastern Avenue to get to my place as the road elevates slowly over a series of 40-50 blocks. I live off Horizon Ridge which is one of the highest points to view the city. And it's a majestic view. At night you can see the Strip lit up and the urban sprawl throughout the Valley. During the days, you can see the mountains and catch a glimpse at Red Rock Canyon.

Everything I need to do is less than a five minute drive, all along Eastern Avenue. Traffic was light so I hit up several places inside of an hour. I got gas for the guzzling PT Cruiser. I bought packing supplies at Target to ship free books and magazines along with t-shirts and hats and other free stuff that I accumulated during the last two months. I went to the post office to ship two boxes of stuff to NYC. I hit up Brooklyn Bagels for an iced tea and garlic bagel with butter. I went to Citibank to get out cash that I borrowed against my poker bankroll. The machine gave me two $50 bills and I went up to the counter to do a cash for cash exchange. I stopped off at Lenscrafters. I'm saving that for an entire rambling post.

Now I have about two minutes left. I want to crank out an hour of writing before my afternoon meeting. I guess when I get home I can finish the article before dinner. I'm itching to play poker and promised myself I won't play in a casino until the article is complete.

Recent Driving Music...
1. Black Keys
2. Galactic
3. Jerry Garcia Band with Merle Saunders
4. James Brown
5. My Morning Jacket

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