Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm the Source of Attention

Michael Craig is an amazing writer. He penned The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time. He's been covering the WSOP and was out of topics to write about. He sent me this email the other day:

At 10 PM last night, you wrote, "Read Michael Craig's Journal." My site traffic between 10-11 PM last night was a mere 2466% what it was for the same time last week. It brings to mind a conversation Amy and I had with Richard Brodie on Saturday night. Richard is newly divorced and trying to find the right woman. Amy asked, "Are there any religious requirements?" I cut in and said, "She has to revere Richard like a gawd."

Struggling to find stories worth telling during the last 3 [or 4 or 2 or who-knows-how-many] days of the Series, I might seriously be interested in telling yours if you'll let me follow you around and witness your drinking binges, fights with spectators, and whatever-the-hell-else-you-do-that-creates-the-slavish-devotion-of-a-large-audience.
Anyway, he wrote about me in his most recent post called Pauly - The doctor is in. Take a peek.

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