Monday, January 22, 2007

Byron Bay

Senor and Friedman told me that I'd fall in love with Byron Bay. And they were right.

We rented a car and drove from Surfer's Paradise in the Gold Coast and drove down to Byron Bay. Our motel has beach access and my room with Brandon is spacious. Shecky needs his own space and has his own room. He's a workaholic and gets the shakes when he's unplugged for more than a few hours.

Like a junkie needing to score a fix, Shecky found an internet cafe in town. That's where I am at 9am after crashing at 4am and popping generic vicodin while downing bottles of Boags. Shecky crashed early and Brandon and I headed down to the beach. There was a bonfire with about 30 people partying and we walked around checking out the bright stars in the southern skies. I spotted a few constellations that you never get to see in my neck of the woods. That was cool.

It's good to see Shecky get outside and get some sun. He bought a football so we can toss it around on the beach. Our plan today is to rent mopeds and drive up to the lighthouse. I also want to go to Nimbin to score some herbal supplements. That's where all the hardcore hippies and Aussie wookies live.

We played Chinese Poker at a beach side bar last night and I'm down for the trip. That's been the only gambling I've done. I played live poker a few times in Melbourne and only played online poker once since I arrived. Plus I haven't been smoking much weed. I guess I'm weening myself off two of my vices. The result... I'm putting on weight because I'm drinking a shitload of beer and eating more.

I got to watch the Pats-Indy game and was pleased to see Indy come from behind to win. Brandon and I wacthed cricket last night and he explained it some more to me. I think I finally have a basic understanding at what the fuck is going on.

We have one more day in Byron Bay. Shecky will be leaving us and flying back to Melbourne. Brandon and I will be taking a train to Sydney. We're staying in hostels the first few nights, including one near the red light district. On the things to do in Sydeny is to head over to Manly and Bondi beaches.

We're supposed to hangout with my friend Ali for Australia Day on Friday. She's having a BBQ and inviting friends over. That should be cool to celebrate with locals. Brandon heads back to Melbourne on Saturday and I want to head out to the Blue Mountains on Sunday. I'll book a swanky hotel my last two nights mostly because I'm under budget for the trip and more importantly so I can have some peace and quiet to write.

I'm supposed to go home in a week, but I really struggling with those emotions where I say, "Fuck it!" and stay here for another few weeks or pull the trigger and follow Brandon to Veitnam.

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