Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Can't Leave

Still in Byron Bay. Amazing place. Shecky left this morning after a good-bye breakfast at The Balcony. We are here for a few more hours. Then we have to take a bus to a town called Casino where we will get a night train to Sydney.

Brandon got shitfaced last night and drank a bottle of wine and 1/2 bottle of gin. We had a hot waitress serves us at an Italian cafe where we ate dinner. We gambled on where she was from. Brandon said Italy. I was convinced she was from Portugal. Shecky said Spain. We all tossed three red $20 bills onto the table.

"So where are you from?" asked Brandon.

"Spain," she answered.

Shecky slammed his hand on the table and scooped up $60.

We went to visit Byron Lighthouse. Brandon snapped this photo...

We saw sea turtles and took pics at the Eastern most point of Australia. Both Shecky and I have lady friends back in LA. We pointed out to sea and snapped photos in homage to the fact we are missing Nicky and Jen dearly especially since there are topless ladies running rampant on the beach. We can look but didn't touch. Brandon touched himself though.

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