Monday, October 17, 2005

Back to Las Vegas
"It's a world. And I'm just living in it." - Harvey Pekar
I got a couple of late birthday presents this past week. Molly sent me a nice care package from Texas. She included some authentic (and yummy) Mexican Sweatbread and some other trinkets like a dead scorpion and some sort of lizard bowl. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she also sent me Raymi's book Dear Raymi. I already read it twice and jerked off seven times. By the way, there were no naked pictures in it.

Daddy sent me a shitload of discs including two shows from Phish's Island Run in 1998.... 4.3.98 and 4.5.98. It was perfect timing since I'll have a rental car over the next two weeks and will need some good tunes to get me through Las Vegas traffic. He also threw in some Keller Williams too from last year's All Good festival and a ass-kicking Lotus show, which I had been waiting to hear.

Yeah, in a few hours I'm going to the airport. I'm flying JetBlue out of JFK and heading to Las Vegas for the next 16 days. It's a mixed trip with both business and pleasure on the agenda. For the first 11 days I'll be working covering a World Poker Tour tournament at the Bellagio his week. Then I have to do some leg work for a new project which will take me all over Las Vegas for a few days. That should be fun, exploring the other parts of the city that I've never seen. I hope to pick up more writing material. Oh, and I'm not staying at the Redneck Riviera. I'm crashing with Grubby at his place in Henderson/Green Valley.

Then for the last five or six days I'll be partying it up and enjoying some kick ass music when Vegoose comes to Las Vegas! The Joker is coming in from Colorado for several days and it should be a blast since I missed out on a lot of shows this summer. I can't wait to see some of my favorite bands at the festival during the day and at late night shows on the Strip including Widespread Panic, Galactic, Phil Lesh, Trey Anastasio Band, Umphrey's McGees, The Meters, The Flaming Lips, Primus, G'ovt Mule, North Mississippi All-Stars, and Col. Bruce Hampton.

This past Saturday, I had a wonderful time at Gil and Elite's wedding. I even wore a suit and tie! The service was short and special. Everyone looked swanky and the bride Elite looked wonderful as always. Spider asked me to do a little filming, so I sprang into action as a backup camera guy. The wedding got to be held outdoors on a rooftop, which was key since it had been raining for almost ten straight days in the city. The reception was in a loft and I drank a ton and the food was excellent. I especially liked the roasted duck with cherries and the dates with melted goat cheese. The wedding cake include traditional cake along with chocolate cup cakes, which was the highlight of the entire wedding! Girtz was jonesin' to play some cards and poor Senor was tired. I got to answer a lot a questions about my recent travels to Amsterdam and Spain and what it's like to live in Las Vegas.

That's it for now. See you in Las Vegas!

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