Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday's Gone

The Jets suck. Man, Vinny Testaverde desrves better than to be humiliated on National TV after those 3 fumbles in the first half of the Jets/Falcons MNF game. I watched in horror at the sports book in Green Valley Ranch, and had to leave in the 3rd quarter.

In less than a week in Las Vegas, I have lost about $140 playing poker. I only had one winning session, but never lost more than $100 at one time.

I had brunch on Monday morning at Le Cafe in Paris with my new blog crush Jaxia and her girlfriend SK. They bought me lunch... French Toast with bacon. It's always fun to spend time with people you have common interests in... I mean Jaxia loves playing poker and loves women. I happen to love both too. It some weird twist of Six Degrees of Pauly, I discovered that SK was childhood friends with Beano, one of my good friends from college. Small world, huh? Seriously, how random is that? I meet someone I played poker online with for the first time and her life partner lived across the street from a guy who was in my fraternity and I followed Phish around in Japan with.

I wrote all of Sunday night without sleeping and been writing for the last few hours. I expect to pull an all night session in order to try to catch up on all the work I have to do. I'm realizing that there's simply nnot enough time for me to squeeze life into my work schedule. Something needs to give. I need a break. Thank God Vegoose is coming in a few days!

Recent Writing Music...
1. Galactic
2. James Brown
3. Jimmy Cliff
4. Phish
5. The Radiators

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