Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday Morning News Dump: Howard Stern, Goat Fucking, Transvestites, Boy George Cocaine Snafu and Moonshine Busts

I found 16 blogworthy stories out of a gajillion. Here's the best of the best.

Thousands are dead after a huge 7.6 earthquake hits the India-Pakistan border. Many more are feared to be dead.

Scrambling to Fill a Vacancy After Howard Stern is from the NY Times Arts section. Heh. They are trying to figure out who will step in since Stern bolted for Sirius Satellite Radio.

Karma-cocaine. Boy George Busted for Cocaine and Kate Moss was not involved. Here is Gothamist's take called Boy George: Cocaine Chamelon.

A bunch of suits that don't live in NYC said that Sunday (today) was the day terrorist planned to attack the NYC subway system before that plan was thwarted.

On of my favorite writers Neal Pollack riffs about the baseball playoffs in a piece called Days of Braves and Padres.

Girls Gone Wild is an interesting read about how Ariel Levy asks why so many young women today have embraced a raunchy, porn-drenched sexuality. Can I get their numbers?

In moonshine and bootlegging news... The Stills of Old Virginny had me cracking up when two dudes in overalls were busted.

Togo schoolgirls get heads shaved after their teacher got pissed off that the girls spent too much time playing with their hair. I wonder what would have happened if she caught me jerking off? Would she make me shave my pubes are would she just cut my entire cock off?

This made me laugh... Golf Club In Caddy Harass Suit: Man dubbed "ball-less wonder" after losing matches to female. That's funny on so many levels, right Noonan?

NYC has a Hurricane Evacuation Plan. Nice to know.

In more Hurricane News, a Hurricane Katrina victim won $1.6 million jackpot on a slot machine in Louisiana.

How the City Sank is an interesting read from the NY Arts section about the aging city of New Orleans and what old American city will be the next to fall.

This is one smart dude, eh? Canadian Genius figures out how to fly free for the rest of his life. Why can't I come up with ideas like that?

In animal fucking news... a teen was caught with his pants down fucking his neighbor's goat. It wasn't Daddy.

I love a good transvestite story. Man Allegedly Pays Transvestite Prostitute With Stolen Check and a ruckus ensues. Hell hath no fury like a tranny scored with a rubber check.

Lastly, Tony Pierce has a great post about the head honcho at Blogger stepping down.

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