Friday, October 28, 2005

The Joker's Wild in Vegas

The Joker arrived in Las Vegas one day early so we could pre-party for Vegoose. Here's what we did so far:
  • Drank at Mandalay Bay's Isle Bar.
  • Played blackjack at Excalibur. I won $75.
  • Ate dinner and I stained my $50 dress shirt with buffalo chicken wing sauce.
  • Went to a strip club (Olympic Gardens) with Grubby & the Joker.
  • Got two lapdances from a Romanian chick who looked like Mena Suvari.
  • I farted in the face of a stripper when she went down on me.
  • Joker became smitten with a tall stripper who looked like Katie Holmes but she had bad teeth.
  • Poker Prof called me in the middle of a lap dance. The stripper got on the phone and told him that I'd call back.
  • I bought Grubby a lap dance from a woman who looked like a 1980s porn star. She kept grabbing his nipples and rubbing hs chest underneath his shirt.
  • Donked off $50 playing micro limit poker at the Excalibur in homage of the Joker's first ever stint at a poker table in Las Vegas.
  • Pointed out to the Joker the few hookers who were roaming around the casinos.
  • Lost several prop bets involving me trying to flick a McDonald's cup lid into a trash can.
  • 4:20am Krispy Kreme run.
  • I have spent almost $500 at strip clubs since last Wednesday.
  • I'm up over $200 gambling since I arrived in Las Vegas almost two weeks ago.
Later on Friday, we're heading to two concerts... Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (at 8pm) and then Trey Anastasio Band (at Midnight). Both shows are at the Aladdin.

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