Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pieces of Pauly: A Sushi Run

What did I eat yesterday? For breakfast I drove over to Brooklyn Bagels for an Everything bagel with extra butter, an Asaigo cheese bagel and an iced tea.

For dinner, Grubby and I headed to Green Valley Ranch, which is a mere five minute ride from chez Grubby or the Hippie Hacienda which he just nicknamed. Grubby and I ate at Sushi & Sake for their $29 All-U-Can-East sushi. The have hot Japanese women working there who wear tight black dresses and black leather boots that go up to their knees. They give you a hot towel before your food comes and someone is alway stopping by to refill your drinks. They had strict rules though... whatever you order and don't eat... they charge you for a regular menu prices.

We decided to keep track of how much everything would have cost if we bought them during regular hours. Alas, we would have run up almost a $200 sushi tab in less than an hour. Yikes. The All-U-Can-Eat promotion was seriously -EV for Green Valley Ranch and extremely +EV for Grubby and myself. Grubby almost ordered deseret.

We ordered:
Edamame (2 servings): Steamed soy beans
Ebisu (5 servings): Tiger shrimp with cucumber and fresh seaweed
Ecstasy (2): Seared tuna with chef spicy sauce and shredded raddish
Deja-vu Roll (1): Tempura shrimp with avacado, and spicy tuna
Sun of the Beach (1): Salmon, cream cheese, and green onions wrapped with soy paper and atter fried iwith a spicy mango sauce
Spider Roll (1): Crispy soft-shell crab with cucumbers and masago.
Spicy Tuna Roll (1)

Nigiti Sushi (2 pieces each)
Unagi: Fresh water eel
Maguro (3): Tuna
Sake (2): Fresh Salmon

Plus some other stuff I forgot...
Here are some pictures:

The Ecstasy

Unagi, Sake, and Maguro


More Ecstasy


Sun of a Beach

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