Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday Morning Link Dump: Yankees Suck, Wil Wheaton = Top 100 Blogger, Blowjobs for Laundry, and Gore in 2008

Well first of all, the Yankees officially suck. They lost last night's game which could mark the end of an era for the Yankees. Moose blew. Bubba sucked on that fly ball. And Randy Johnson decided to pitch a few days too late. It's gonna be a long winter. Here are some articles:
Yankees Crash in Anaheim (NY Times)
Yankees Are Facing Yet Another Winter of Discontent (NY Times)
For Fith Year in a Row, Yanks Have Hit the Wall (NY Times)
Rookie Steps Up, Delivers Angels to the ALCS (ESPN)
Yankees Hopes Set in West (NY Daily News)
Bronx Bunglers Collide in OF (NY Daily News)
In more NYC news... NYC Lowers Subway Alert, Faces Questions About Alert's Validity is from Gothamist. Was the alert really necessary and was it just PR move to get the mayor involved in a big press conference before the election?

There's a new Van Gogh exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring a ton of his drawings and sketches.

By the way, thanks to Jenna who pointed out this Craigslist gem... Do my laundry, get a blowjob! I dunno about this. If a chick is too lazy to do her own laundry, you know the BJ is going to be below average.

The Superficial had something else to say about Katie Holmes being knocked up by Tom. This gem made me chucke:
people have begun to speculate over whether or not the couple will follow Scientology's "silent birth" guidelines, which dictate that Holmes cannot talk or make any noise during labor, and cannot speak with the baby for the first seven days of its life.
In politics, the word on the street is that Al Gore is gonna run for President in 2008. Yawn.

Sorry Haley, but New Mexico is once again the dumbest state for the third year in a row. Nevada is 49th. Hmmmmm. People in Mississippi are rejoicing.

Good news if you are a pot smoker and want a job with the FBI. There are rumors that they are going to relax their marijuana policy.

By the way, congrats to Wil Wheaton for making CNET's Top 100 Blogs!

I love this story. Math teacher turns to hooking because teacher's salaries are too low. Only in Montreal! She charges $250 per hour. Nice. Here's a bit:
Working part time as an escort, the teacher said she was treated like a "real princess."

She dined in the finest restaurants along Saint-Laurent Blvd. and Vieux-Port, drank at Casino de Montreal and received an avalanche of gifts. Dawn was living the life she'd always dreamed of.

In addition to sleeping at the Ritz-Carleton, at the posh St. James Hotel in the Vieux-Port and at the Plaza, the teacher once went on a trip to Las Vegas with a client. The pair stayed at the MGM Grand and went to the most popular shows in town, including Celine Dion and the Cirque du Soleil.

"It was great -- I made heads turn," said the former teacher, who was paid $2,000 for the weekend.
If you enjoy eating contests like I do, then this is a gem... Cookie Jarvis wins grilled cheese eating contest. He downed 19.

If you want to file for bankruptcy, you better hurry up before new laws begin which makes it harder to file for Chapter 7.

With the news of the big earthquake near the India-Pakistan border, the trecherous mudslides in Guatemala are being overlooked.

Has Google Peaked? is an interesting read from Slate. Google's stock is now at $300 per share. I wonder of they can still corner the search market?

Reality TV is in a decline. No shit. But it's newsworthy according to the NY Times.

Post Teenage Wasteland is another excellent read from the NY Times Sunday Magazine. It's written by Ann Hulbert and she discusses trouble folks in their early 20s. I survived mine thanks to vicodin, vodka, and cocaine.

Wow. I can't believe that my parting shot is an actually link up to Wonkette! Alas, go check out Smurfcast in Europe. It's an adult episode of the Smurfs that have them searching for dead bodies during a war. Gripping and odd.

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