Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday Link Dump: UFOs, Katie Boobs, Goodbye to McHales and Seattle Lapdances

In NYC news...

A historic bar is closing because the owner sold his building for $30 million. Say good-bye to McHales. It's been featured in plenty of movies including one of my favorite Ed Burns' flicks... She's the One.

By the way, Big Brother is always watching... traffic in NYC. The folks over at Gothamist are addicted to DOT web cams.

In Tom & Katie news...

Yeah, Tom Crusie and Kaie Holmes are still at it. maybe it's true love after all? O rmaybe Katie has a new flick coming out? By the way... First Daughter totally sucked. But Katie Boobs was in a bikini for one scene.

In gambling news...

This could be good news for degenerate gamblers in Mississippi... Onshore Casinos Approved in Mississippi. In the past, casinos had to be "river boats" and out on the water. Hurrican katrina proved what that's a horrible idea.

In actual news...

The hunt for the most recent Bali bombers is still under way and officals fear that more attacks on soft targets are planned.

By the way... who the fuck is Harriet Miers?

In news of the weird...

I think there was a Senor sighting in Pennsylvania this weekend... a crazy man exposed himself to fast food patrons then sat down and ate someone's food.

Some people live their lives in a closet. Some Russians live in fridges. This guy has lived in one for 15 years.

The numbers are low and the Germans are pissed. The volume of beer consumed at this year's Oktoberfest is way down from previous years. they should have invited StB to get their numbers up.

Here's one reason why I'll never move back to Seattle.... they are considering banning lap dances in strip clubs.

There was an UFO sighting in the Midwest. The Man insists it's a meteor. Agent Mulder and the Cigarette Smoking Man think otherwise.

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