Friday, October 07, 2005

Subway Threat

Mixed messages. That's all I'm getting out of this... City Cites NYC Subway Terror Threat.

The NY Daily News reported that there was a terrorist plot to attack our subways with baby carriages and briefcases that contained bombs in the most specific threat ever made against the city. That caused everyone to go a little wacky yesterday in the biggest show of police force in some time.

Of course the NYC subways are a target. That was one thing I wanted to see more secure in the city since 9.11 and it wasn't until the London Bombings that the powers to be finally decided to take more brash measures. But turning subway stations in airport check-in lines seems like a weak attempt to keep up an illusion of safety. There's a vast difference between traveling in Europe than in America and it has a lot to do with shorter check-in lines at security check points. Does that mean America is safer than Europe?

Will the new show of force deter a potential future subway bomber? Not one bit. But I aprreciate the effort. Now I'll have to do a better job hiding my stash from the federalies. If anything, this threat really hurts the average pot smoker.

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