Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Morning Link Dump: Kill Katie's Career, Crackheads, Death Tattoos, and the World Series of Beer Pong

Tom Cruise ruined Katie Holmes career! It's not like she's done anything outside of Dawson's Creek.

I've gtten addicited to watching the Food Network recently. My favorite show is "30 Minute Meals" hosted by Rachel Ray.

If you like haunting photos (some about NYC) then take a peek at Boogie: Painful to Watch. The pictures of crackheads was worth it.

Speaking of crackheads, make sure you read Mary-Kate NYU dropout.

NYC dude gets "Last Rites" tattoo then proceeds to die! Freaky? Should we call in Agent Mulder to investigate?

I hope I get to cover the World Series of Beer Pong. There are rumors that AlCantHang is coming out of retirement to play.

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