Thursday, October 06, 2005

Random NYC Things

I witnessed two cabs collide during a rain storm near the Empire State Building last week and forgot to write about it. Both were carrying pasengers who weren't hurt but pretty pissed off.

I saw one of the hottest chicks in a long time on the subway. She was on the shuttle from Times Square headed to Grand Central Station and she was eating Cheese Doodles.

I was in a gypsy cab with Senor and he refused to give him change of a $50 bill. The ride was $20 and the guy thought we were trying to scam him. He eventually gave Senor the correct change. If you don't know $50 bills are bad luck for gamblers.

My favorite bagel store is closed for the Jewish holidays. I was jonesin' for a bagel the last two days.

I saw people handing out free issues of Metro near a subway station. I also spotted people handing out local issues in Amsterdam near Dam Square and again in Barcelona when we got off the train from Sitges to Barcelona.

On Saturday, we ate at Le Souk in the East Village to start off il's bachelor party. It's Middle Eastern food and I was digging the lamb sausage. They have beds where you can smoke hookahs and order food and drinks there. Senor thought the bartender downstairs was pretty hot.

Yesterday, I was stuck sitting in my mom's apartment while I waited for the plumbers to arrive. They said they'd be there at 8:30am which meant 11:30am in reality. There was a leak in one of the pipes in the apartment upstairs and my Mom's bathroom wall was leaking all weekend. They had to rip open the ceiling and remove the pipe that was about 50 years old. It had a hole in it the size of a quarter and another smaller hole the length of a matchstick. I sat in the living room and got my ass kicked on Party Poker while they tore up the bathroom.

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