Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Link Dump: Stripper Mugshots, Pimping Pauly, and Candian Girls Gone Wild

Chops pointed me out a story called Odds and Ends from the WSOP. Apparently, we both got mentioned! Way cool.

Of course, Shana Hiatt is engaged. That was quick, eh? She gets the David Caruso Award for Killing Your Career after she decided to leave the WPT. The lucky guy who gets to be Mr. Shana Hiatt is Todd Garner. He directed XXX and 13 Going on 30. Yeah, I saw both flicks.

Jenna directed me to this hilarious stripper related news bit: OK, girls. Line up for your mug shots. By the way, I know that strippers who work the day shift are usually not as good looking as the ladies who work the nights and weekends... but the "Exotic dancers" who got pinched during a recent raid in Tampa is a sorry bunch. After seeing some of their mugshots, it's no wonder they had to perform sexual favors to get decent tips.

This had me cracking up all afternoon... Man Beaten by a Gang of Canadian Teenage Girls. Sounds like one of my S&M fantasys.

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