Sunday, August 07, 2005

Quickie Weekend Update

On Friday, I headed over to Mandalay Bay and played for several hours. I really like playing poker at Mandalay on the weekends. Plenty of eye candy. There's a lot of hot chicks wandering around heading/coming from Mix, the Rum Jungle, or House of Blues. Back to poker, I had one guy who was raising blind preflop all the time. I won a big pot when I flopped a full house with 5-5. I was spotted by Jen Leo and John from Poker News. They were hanging out in the lounge area by the sports book. With them was Sarah Bellum, the winner of the Charlie Tuttle memorial event on Poker Stars. It was cool to meet her. All of them are into town for the Barge gathering.

I had a good session at Mandalay Bay and met Grubby over at Excalibur where I dropped a buy in. I missed all my big draws and Big Slick was a Big Loser.... twice. I was also kicked in the junk by the Kournikova. Damn K-Q sucks donkey balls. This month the Excalibur has double wheel spins! Makes it worth the effort to head over there.

On Saturday, I hung out with Wil and played some poker with him at the Plaza. I'll have a more in depth post about our time at Barge on Monday along with chatting with some of the big names in poker.

This upcoming week should be a busy one. I have a ton of freelance work that's due. I have a slew of reviews of poker related products that I was supposed to have posted weeks ago. Plus, on Wednesday of this week, I officially leave the Redneck Riviera and move in with Grubby for a few days. Plus I have to get as much poker in as possible! On Friday I'm flying to Boulder, Colorado for the weekend to hang out with the Joker and see Trey Anastasio Band at Red Rocks.

I've played a little online the last few days. Been kinda busy winding down my epic adventure here in Lost Vegas. Seems like I've been up to 7am everyday the past week.

The Redneck Riviera has been teeming with police cars the last few days and nights. I dunno what's up, but every morning I wake up and wander over to the store for my morning Orange Gatorade, someone is handcuffed and standing in between two squad cars. The other day a young woman was arrested for stealing a car at the AM/PM. The lady behind the counter told me that the unlucky woman was dumb enough that she said the stolen car was hers. A quick check by the cops proved that she was lying and she was driving a stolen vehicle. What a terrible bluffer.

In the laundry room, just a few minutes ago, I was hit on by a pregnant woman in her third trimester. She was smoking a cigarette. I dunno what's more disturbing, the fact that I returned her flirtation like a John McEnroe backhanded volley at Wimbledon or that I told her my name was "Iggy" and I was in town as an advanced scout for the circus.

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