Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Heaven costs just $1.60. It's packaged inside a chocolate shake at In & Out Burger. Those are kick ass. Smooth. Delicious. Soothing. Get one today.

Yes, I ate at In & Out on Monday. It was great. I like Sonic and Fat Burger, but there's something about In & Out that puts it above both chains.

I actually stayed up late on Sunday playing poker at the Excalibur and I didn't get up until late Monday afternoon. Iggycalled twice on Monday morning while I was asleep and had to call him back. We talked for almost 2 hours before I finally showered. I had 6 voicemails when I woke up on Monday. I'm glad I shut my ringer off.

I went over the Excalibur late on Monday afternoon because it hosts a wi/fi hotspot. I'm on dial up in my apartment at the Redneck Riviera, and I was craving some high speed access so I can download a few things. I spent almost three hours at the Krispy Kreme, which provides the wi/fi hotspot. Thank goodness for a long lasting battery on my laptop. I had a special donut... cookies & creme. Yummy.

Then I headed over to Mandalay Bay to play poker against the post-dinner crowd. I stayed until past Midnight before I grabbed some food at the Nile Diner at Luxor. I won back the money I lost on Sunday night.

Sometime Tuesday afternoon, I hope to catch up on some more work, reading email, and writing a freelance article. I might try to convince Grubby to go see a flick. I was supposed to go to California and Santa Fe, but it seems that I might have to skip both side trips at this point. I'm getting pumped for Colorado in 9 days! Can't wait to see Trey and STS9.

Two weeks from today, I leave Las Vegas.

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