Monday, December 26, 2005

The 26th

I played a ton of online poker the last few days. I won a fair amount. I was down a ton as of last week and managed to win back 30% of my losses. Ups and downs.

Some presents:
  • Derek gave me a new printer.
  • Molly bought me Raymi's book Marketable Depression. I read it twice and jerked off 14 times to it.
  • Briana gave me Clerks on DVD, the 10th anniversary edition.
  • My mom bought me socks.
I hung out with Briana late late last night. She had an horrible Christmas dinner and I hope she blogs about it. Consider this a sneak preview. One of her family members took too many pain killers and shit their pants passing out in the bathroom in the process. One of her aunts lied and said she was in Maui when everyone else knew she was getting cosmetic surgery. Someone's pregnant and one cousin is gay and living in Portugal with a former-Norwegian pop star. Man, my Christmas was rather boring. Some good food but no drama.

This morning I ate at the diner with Briana. I got a choclate shake, French Toast, bacon, and cheese fries. She barely touched her breakfast special, some sort of omelete. I ended up eating her bacon, wheat toast, and hash browns. Afterwards, I took an almost empty subway to Queens to my buddy Bruce's place. He gave me a ton of Pink Floyd to add to my musical collection including several live shows including Dark Side of the Moon live in Tokyo.

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