Friday, December 23, 2005

Tool of the Man

Congrats to Marty who won Wil's Thursday night tournament on Poker Stars. I blew a 4 to 1 chiplead at the final table to Marty and came in 2nd place. Great job, dude. Thanks to Wil for hosting and everyone for sweating at the end.

Here's who made the final table:
1: Tooloftheman aka Marty (Saint Louis), $176.00 (40%)
2: DrPauly (New York), $105.60 (24%)
3: yestbay1 (Grapevine), $70.40 (16%)
4: Darzog (Stevens Point), $52.80 (12%)
5: gristle69 (Atlanta), $35.20 (8%)
6: 787Style (Austin)
7: Arcon (Roy)
8: ZeemJr (Bellevue)
9: Hughesers (Spencer)

In a random side note, Wil was on megatilt in the tourney and he got on even more ubertilt after he was sucked out on twice in a row in an SNG. He called me to vent. I listened and when Wil was done venting, I said, "Dude, you owe $2 for those bad beat stories."

He ended up sending me the funds...
Hello DrPauly,

We have transferred $2.00 to your account as requested by 'Wil Wheaton'.

Good luck to you both.
PokerStars Cashier

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