Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vegas Slacker

I have not been updating my regular blog much. I have lots to say, but have been too tired the last few days to say it. Been busy losing money and writing. I was sick on Sunday and bounced back remarkable on Monday. I took Nyquil and slept 7 hours straight, which is about almost 2x what I get on a normal night. I've been drinking Airborne and I can't tell if it works or it's just a placebo.

Senor and my team lost in the second round of the playoffs. Uncle Jodd's Band went 1-1 this year in the postseason. We were one victory away from the Superbowl. We took 3rd this year and have improved every year we've been in the league. Next year.

Grubby and I have been eating a lot of buffets here in Vegas. His key to busting the buffet is ordering high end items like the seafood and the special meats. Last week Derek and Spaceman went to the Bellagio buffet and feasted on the Kobe beef. Green Valley Ranch makes you milk shakes in the dessert station.

On Monday, Flipchip bought me, Grubby, and Poker Prof filet mignon's at The Palm. Good ass eats. It was our Christmas dinner of sorts. Change100 drove all the way from Hollyweird to gamble for a few days at the start of her two week vacation. We've been playing and gambling a lot. Unfortunately, I'm down over $3500 since Halloween. I've been in one of the worst losing streaks of my life. Hanging out with Change100 is awesome because shehas tons of Hollyweird gossip, like who's very gay (his intials are VV) and who's pregnant but not by who we think she is? And stuff like that.

On Monday night (or early Tuesday morning), Grubby and I got propositioned by a hooker in the Excalibur. Around 4:45am, we were headed back to chez Grubby. I wanted a Krispy Kreme for the ride home. We went upstairs to the food court and I got an apple fritter. On our way down the escalator, a hooker had just got off the up escalator. She stopped and stood next to me on the way down.

"Is there a donut in there for me?"

"No," I said.

"Awww, why weren't you thinking about me?"

I wanted to say, "Hey honey, if I didnt drop $300 tonight I'd consider the thought of watching you suck Change100's toes for ten minutes straight while Grubby threw peanuts at you."

Instead I shrugged my shoulders. That's when she shouted, "George!"

For no reason at all she yelled "George!"

I laughed because that was the name of the guy I met a few hours earlier. She told Grubby that her grandfather's name was George. There's no point to this story. Aside from the fact that some random hooker shouted out, "George" on an escalator in the Excalibur.

She asked me where we were headed.

"Back home. We live here," I said.

The best way to get rid of a hooker is to tell them that you are a local. That's my Las Vegas tip of the day.

Moving on...

I played in an online poker tournament yesterday at Poker Stars. It was one of Wil Wheaton's tourneys. I came in 28th out of 29. I was seated at the same table as Jaxia. And she bluffed me off of a pot. She almost made the final table and would have it weren't for a bad beat.

I lost a ton of money playing poker last night at MGM. Oh well. Derek called me while I was playing to tell me that the Yankees signed Johnny Damon.

I was supposed to have this week and next week off from covering tournaments and doing freelance work. Out of nowhere, someone who's pretty big in the online community asked me to do some work for him. They pay was too good to pass up, so I agreed to do about three days of work for him (which I spread out over four days). It's nothing too difficult, but it takes a lot of research. The writing part is easy. Anyway it's a nice way to end 2005 with one of the biggest checks of the year.

Speaking of which, I already informaly agreed to a work assignment in LA in February. That means I got about two weeks on assignment in Atlantic City at the end of January and at least one week in California in February. It might turn into two plus weeks. I know I have to be in Las Vegas in mid-March.

Grubby left for Long Beach this afternoon and I have a room on the Strip for a few more nights. I head back to NYC this weekend. I dunno how I'm gonna get home from the airport with the transit strike. Oh well. He took me slot whoring today at Silverton. I won $22. First time I won something all week.

Ah... and Grubby gave me my Christmas present... a copy of Chasing Amy. What a fuckin' asshole!

That's it for now. I have to finish up wiritng for another two hours then I can unleash myself into the casino to play some poker and bullshit with dipshit tourists from Bumblefuck, Iowa.

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