Friday, December 16, 2005

Back to the Bellagio

I'm currently live blogging the final table of the WPT Five Diamond Classic at the Bellagio over on my poker blog.

I also posted the first two parts of my Las Vegas trip reports over there too. Be sure to check out:
Bloggers in Wonderland Part 2: The Five Boobs and Champion Glyphic
Bloggers in Wonderland Part 1: Midnight Riders
Anyway, I've been staying at the Imperial Palace. I still think it's very ghetto. But as Derek said yesterday, it's got the perfect location and in walking distance of the Wynn and the Bellagio where I've been working all week. It's about a five minute stroll from the IP to the Bellagio. Oh, and the Bellagio has some of the coolest Christmas decorations in all of Las Vegas. I decided to stay at IP instead of getting a rental car and staying with Grubby and driving to work. Tonight's my last night there and I'll head back to Grubby's tomorrow. I'm scheduled to come back to NYC on Christmas Eve, but I'm trying to get an earlier flight. We shall see.

I had breakfast with Bobby Bracelet this morning. He had free buffet comps at the Monte Carlo and I ended up missing breakfast and getting lunch. They make pasta however you want it. SO I asked for garlic, mushrooms, chicken, onions, and sausages sauteed in a marinara sauce. I spiced it up with lots of red pepper so I techically had some spicy pasta for lunch.

Last night Derek and I ate at the buffet at Palace Station. Grubby had two extra free buffet comps. Free food in Vegas rocks. The other night Grubby and I took Derek to In & Out Burger for the first time.

I got more than five hours of sleep last night for the first time in over a month. I was up until 4am writing and managed to sleep until 9:30 when my starting ringing off the hook. I woke up and wrote until Bobby called me. I also had lengthy conversations with Maudie, Iggy, Briana, and a quickie call with Molly. Stop by Molly's blog and wish her well. She just had foot surgery.

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